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New Warps

DeguMaster a posted Feb 26, 15

Need mobs to fight? Maybe you need some experience or item drops? Or you just want to work on your MCMMO skills.

Try out /warp Cash4Mobs

Here you can be left alone to fight whatever mobs you like. Or bring a friend to help you out.

Looking for some entertainment? Maybe you want to fight a ton of mobs just for the challenge. Want to spawn mobs and watch other people fight them? Spawn a ton and watch them suffer!

Try out /warp MobArena

Here you are put in an open space fighting alongside whoever wants to fight with you. Hopefully someone too sadistic doesn't come through and summon 100 blazes for you to fight...that wouldn't be very nice...

Big Economy Updates!

DeguMaster a posted Feb 15, 15

Check out these awesome updates and give us some feedback!

Economy Updates

Very important...that is all

SHOCKING interview with Mojang about Modding API

KatyKittyKat123 LOL LOL LOL LOL his laugh is like a spanish donkephin dying oh and by the way its a donkey and a dolphin combined.
[VIP+] djdave4 1: boats are working fine 2: mine craft is fine 3: what the heck i dont find this funny at all
Let's Play: Vanilla Squish

Each week Degu, Fuschii, Ste and CaptainAJPub will be coming out with a new Let's Play video for you guys! We hope to really get this started and each week we will choose a player from Modesty to come be a guest and play with us, so stay tuned!

LovelytheKitten I won't get picked probably because I have no chance with anything because it's like I have no luck so anyway I watched ...
tylermiller2000 and...if u want to do season 2 do a really hard mod without the wiki ...
Thank you Carbamide you wonderful awesome person you!!!

This app is even BETTER than the iPhone version. Why? Because it's on Android of course! So go download it and thank Carbamide for the awesome #HOLOYOLO app!! :)
fishboy12 What about on the App Store?
Creeper_Hug8 Thanks carb
GR8A yay! thanks!! i was able to find and install it, the app is great ...
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