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Thank you Carbamide you wonderful awesome person you!!!

This app is even BETTER than the iPhone version. Why? Because it's on Android of course! So go download it and thank Carbamide for the awesome #HOLOYOLO app!! :)
GR8A yay! thanks!! i was able to find and install it, the app is great ...
softball_rocks thank you
mike429739 One small weirdness. Some of the staff profile heads are mashed up. Not a huge problem, but maybe you want to fix it.
Just testing this out for now. It's super fun so please play on here and give me feed back! 

How do I play Pixelmon?! I made a video tutorial for you all! Maybe subscribe to my channel if you want? Tutorial is here!

Pixelmon IP is 

tazznessa well i installed everything and put in the ip but next to the internet bar there is a red X but on the site it says it i ...
LovelytheKitten How do I enter the raffle?
LovelytheKitten Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to our amazing OP Carbamide, the official Modesty iPhone app can now be downloaded! Here's the link: 
[VIP+] Carbamide Regarding iOS 5.1.1 support - Probably not. iOS 5 was released almost 3 years ago now. Keeping up with current technol ...
Methsia I haven't been on for so long and i forgot the IP! I got this and im back again! ...
[VIP+] BinksDaWolf Will we ever see ios 5.1.1 support? :3
The SERVER IP (Modesty) is

Pixelmon IP is

The Mumble voice server IP is and the port is 64754
You can download mumble here http://www.mumble.com/?OKEY=google_mum_mumble

Teamspeak: dal.fragnet.net:9997
Password: noobdars99
You can download teamspeak 3 here (get the client NOT server): http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

Hope to see you all on the server!
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