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Vanilla Squish Episode 4!

DeguMaster a posted Sat at 13:01
Vanilla Squish Episode 4!

Check out the video, give us suggestions, and answer the question on YouTube to be able to play with us!
Lizard813 o he said to do it on you tube guys, so do it there if you can.
[VIP+] Obl1vious sheep - (dont lie to me u have a pet sheep)
Let's Play: Vanilla Squish

Each week Degu, Fuschii, Ste and CaptainAJPub will be coming out with a new Let's Play video for you guys! We hope to really get this started and each week we will choose a player from Modesty to come be a guest and play with us, so stay tuned!

LovelytheKitten I won't get picked probably because I have no chance with anything because it's like I have no luck so anyway I watched ...
tylermiller2000 and...if u want to do season 2 do a really hard mod without the wiki ...
tylermiller2000 what r u gonna do in the episodes

1.8 Information

DeguMaster a posted Sep 3, 14
Small update for everyone. Bukkit is most likely never coming back. It will however be replaced by a similar type of software called Sponge. There is no official release date for the first working sponge builds, but thoughts are sometime around mid October. This will let us upgrade to 1.8! Just keep in mind it's going to be a bumpy road here for a couple months. We've been through worse, we'll get through this!

Hey everyone,

First of all, if you updated to 1.8 and want to get on the server, here's how:

1. Before you click the big play button, look at the bottom left of the launcher, and click edit profile

2. Look for "Use version:" in the bottomish middle of the editor window (where it says use latest version) and click that.

3. Select 1.7.10

4. Click Save Profile, click play, and get on the server! 

As for when we are going to update:

As with every update to minecraft, we need bukkit to update before the server can. Bukkit is what allows us to have factions, logblock, all those fun commands you use, VIPs, and colored/tagged names.

On 9/3/2014, bukkit was taken down because of legal action. I'm not exactly sure when it will be back, but for now, there is no time I can even try to guess. Normally, it takes bukkit about a week, maybe 2 to update. But being taken off the internet because of a legal complaint has never happened, so I'm not sure.

I'll keep you all updated. 

Have fun and see you on the server!
IshiFishi Bukkit was shut down (Temporarally I think)mbecause of something where players submitting plugins could hide secret comm ...
Lizard813 o someone gunna stick sponge in the bukkit, and have it soak up lots of the code!
RoseLalonde413 http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/spigot-update-20140909a.29091/ i dont know if you have seen this Degu its kinda an alter ...
Thank you Carbamide you wonderful awesome person you!!!

This app is even BETTER than the iPhone version. Why? Because it's on Android of course! So go download it and thank Carbamide for the awesome #HOLOYOLO app!! :)
fish_boy12 What about on the App Store?
Creeper_Hug8 Thanks carb
GR8A yay! thanks!! i was able to find and install it, the app is great ...
Just testing this out for now. It's super fun so please play on here and give me feed back! 

How do I play Pixelmon?! I made a video tutorial for you all! Maybe subscribe to my channel if you want? Tutorial is here!

Pixelmon IP is 

InfiniteSeeker hey i was just wondering if i vote on the site but im on pixelmon do i still get diamonds???? ~Seeker
tazznessa well i installed everything and put in the ip but next to the internet bar there is a red X but on the site it says it i ...
LovelytheKitten How do I enter the raffle?
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