You read that right. Modesty is 3 years old! The server was started back in the end of July/beginning of August, 2012. It's crazy we've been around this long, and still have a ton of dedicated and active players. Maybe comment with some of your favorite memories here. Or make a forum post about it.

One of the funniest moments for me is the first world, and being too trust worthy. I gave OP to someone I thought I could trust. I then went to work, and when I got home, I was banned! I unbanned myself, and it turned out he gave OP away to 2 other guys that immediately de-OPed us, and painted the entire world with lava. The first ever Modesty map lasted all of 10 hours before needing to be diamond encrusted spawn platform was lost forever. 

I take it back. THIS is my favorite memory hahaha

xxMistyRosexx I don't quite call this my FAVORITE one but, this christmas when i tried to get out of the door a knife hit me in ...
[VIP+] IronNinja250 Hi! I am banned on the server and was hoping to be able play again it has been a year, i think i was banned for greifi...
Kenpachi84 DEGGGGGGGUUUUUUUUUU! I am the Tree Troll of Temple town
Thank you Carbamide you wonderful awesome person you!!!

This app is even BETTER than the iPhone version. Why? Because it's on Android of course! So go download it and thank Carbamide for the awesome #HOLOYOLO app!! :)
Beasty11 *koff*apple*koff*is*koff*better*koff*
fishboy12 What about on the App Store?
Creeper_Hug8 Thanks carb
The SERVER IP (Modesty) is
Password: noobdars99
You can download teamspeak 3 here (get the client NOT server):
Hope to see you all on the server!
EnderHunter142 My minecraft user isn't enderhunter142 anymore it is TheCloakSociety
EnderHunter142 Hello Everone
[VIP] sircraftsalott 3rd comment xD
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