DeguMaster a posted May 14, 16

mcMMO is working again, and it looks like the old ranks still stand. Enjoy! :)

Commands Reminder

DeguMaster a posted May 5, 16

Hey everyone,

If you're not sure of the commands you can use with each rank, check here! A couple of these might be broken (you can't capture anything atm) because of the recent 1.9 update, but for the most part this is correct (or they will work eventually). 



DeguMaster a posted Apr 16, 16

The teamspeak server has a new ip:

Everything else should be exactly the same. Enjoy!

1.9 - What's going on?

DeguMaster a posted Mar 29, 16

Edit 2: Well we're up and running for now. I'm having trouble finding all the broken things myself, so I'll need you all to post the broken stuff you find so I can fix it. I don't think McMMO is working right now but that's gonna be a bit before I can fix it. Let me know anything else you find. Thanks!

Edit: April/3/2016

I'm working on the server right now and it's already not going smoothly...gonna be a bit lol

First of all, I have no idea!

Hey everyone,

I just want to update you all on what's up with the server. I've been doing a lot of reading and planning for the 1.9 update. The only thing that's for sure is things are going to be broken. I'm not exactly sure what yet, but the server is going to be a different place once we are on 1.9. I am not planning a world reset, the world should stay intact. It's the plugins we use that may not transition over to nicely (McMMO, Factions, VIP Commands, Secret Switches, Disguises, etc).

I am hoping to update us by this weekend (April/3/16). I am finishing up at school (my master's degree) and I have been extremely busy with a lot of homework, writing, lab work, and training new students. When I have a few free hours I'm going to update us and work on getting as much as possible working.

This will be fun! It'll be different and scary and new and exciting, but overall we should have fun with whatever changes happen and learning how to deal with a slightly different environment. 

I hope to see you all around!


[VIP+] TheMCLizard A little bit as in a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks?
[VIP+] Darstardly In other words: Degu is gonna break the server again
[VIP+] 4Proto gl on your degree and I saw that "It SHOULD stay intact"
Thank you Carbamide you wonderful awesome person you!!!

This app is even BETTER than the iPhone version. Why? Because it's on Android of course! So go download it and thank Carbamide for the awesome #HOLOYOLO app!! :)
Beasty11 *koff*apple*koff*is*koff*better*koff*
fishboy12 What about on the App Store?
Creeper_Hug8 Thanks carb
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