Hello all. A bunch of you may remember me. most of you new kids will not. I played the hell out of this server non stop for a very long time. Those were some of the best days i have had. i moved to the usa from Germany while playing on this server long time ago as well. I have gotten old. I have been been a very busy man since. I have worked a whole lot, been to school and am going to be starting a family here soon. my girlfriend of 4 years is pregnant and i am excited. I work at BMW as a professional auto detailer. I also do radon mitigation on the side whenever i can. Life has been stressful, but great. There are times where i feel like i am going to be stuck in a downward spiral but life always rewards you for the hardships. if anyone wants to, my facebook is "Dallas Bock" my instagram is "djbockk" and my snapchat is "dj_bock"