Hey Everyone,

Before the part you're freaking out about, Modesty has been running for 6 years! That's pretty amazing. I never thought something small that I created like this could effect so many people and last so long. Over the years players have made friends online, and even some have met in real life! I myself have met Fuschii irl! Some of my best friends on or offline were made on this server, and I still talk to them often, along with many Modesty players. I've had a great time on this server and learned a ton.

Since starting Modesty, I have gotten married, moved into an apartment, bought a house, sold that house, and am almost finished buildling a new home. I've also had 3 different jobs and gotten my Master's degree! With all of this busy-ness, I don't feel I've given the server the time it deserves. There are still a lot of dedicated players that have stuck around and I really appreciate everyone! 

I have decided to turn control of the server over to Epalmatier. He has been on Modesty since February 22nd, 2013! He is very dedicated to keeping Modesty running well, fixing bugs, keeping up with updates, and bringing new features! I'll let him comment below to add anything he likes.

I will still be around. I'll work with Epalmatier for anything he needs. I'll still pop in and say hi (maybe even more often than I have been the past couple months haha). But all decisions going forward, including the extent of my involvement, will be up to Epalmatier. 

Thanks for all the memories everyone. This has been a cooler experience than I could have imagined. I look forward to the future of the server and everything to come!

[VIP+] bpalmatier Can't wait to see you on minecraft epal!
[VIP+] Hollzzy 6 years and still running, that's amazing. Since day one I have loved the community on this server and I'm gla...
[VIP+] Larris_Morkeis I have been with this server for at least 5 & a 1/2 years tho I never got an account for about 4 years and do no...

Just some info

DeguMaster a posted Jul 9, 17

Hey everyone,

I've been making efforts to make the server more self-sustainable. The below ideas should reflect that.

So first of all I've heard that people are having trouble getting ranked up to builder, so I've made builder the new default when people join. Hopefully this will encourage more new players to stay. 

Also, the staff application forums will be closing. How will we pick new staff? I'm not sure I want to get into it now, but there is a system in place for that. The old staff app forums can be a cool memory to look back on.

Hope to see you on the server!

[VIP+] NinjaFrogMW3 Yay bud! :3 Exited for MCMMO, /d and Trails!!! :d
Orc_Peon News! :)
[VIP+] Wesca_ Thanks for the update!

Enjoy 1.12

DeguMaster a posted Jun 15, 17

Surprise! Reset! Enjoy vanilla 1.12 while I get spigot working :) bug me on kik if you need anything.

[VIP] KadeSaveState Enjoying the reset! :d
[VIP+] Keflin_Arivaen Degu The command for mcstats are missing

4 years and counting!

DeguMaster a posted Aug 29, 16

Modesty has been up and running for over 4 years! I can't believe it. Every August marks another year passed on the server. It's been another fun year with crazy stuff. What's your favorite memory from the past year?

See you around everyone!

apashes hello there. I started playing on this server back in 2013. My nick was apashes back then. It's amazing that this s...
[VIP+] Kitastrofe This is very late but I couldn't pass up without sharing my favorite memory on a Modesty. I started playing on this...
chewycat12 I started playing when I was in middle school, and soon I'll be in my final year of highschool. Modesty is an amazi...

Commands Reminder

DeguMaster a posted May 5, 16

Hey everyone,

If you're not sure of the commands you can use with each rank, check here! A couple of these might be broken (you can't capture anything atm) because of the recent 1.9 update, but for the most part this is correct (or they will work eventually). 


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