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This announcement will provide you with a comprehensive scope of the tentative updates that will be happening throughout the year. We are titling this update "The Precedence Update", as this is the first of its kind, the likes of which Modesty has never seen before. Additionally, we are also hoping to transition over to a more current server version very soon(1.13+); although, a lot of stability testing will have to take place before that can happen. Much of the progress that will be made on these updates will be done so in the next couple of months. Please be advised that the server may be unstable and player data may be lost during the duration of this Update. We thank you for your patience in this process--hoping that your continued trust in our vision for Modesty's future will help propel us into 2019 and beyond!

Please click the link below to view the comprehensive list of updates we have in store for this year:


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