Modesty's 6 Year Anniversary!

By degumaster a - Posted Dec 3, 18

Hey Everyone,

Modesty has been running for 6 years! That's pretty amazing. I never thought something small that I created like this could effect so many people and last so long. Over the years players have made friends online, and even some have met in real life! I myself have met Fuschii irl! Some of my best friends on or offline were made on this server, and I still talk to them often, along with many Modesty players. I've had a great time on this server and learned a ton.

Since starting Modesty, I have gotten married, moved into an apartment, bought a house, sold that house, and am almost finished buildling a new home. I've also had 3 different jobs and gotten my Master's degree! With all of this busy-ness, I don't feel I've given the server the time it deserves. There are still a lot of dedicated players that have stuck around and I really appreciate everyone! 

See ya around

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