Enjoy 1.12

DeguMaster a posted Jun 15, 17

Surprise! Reset! Enjoy vanilla 1.12 while I get spigot working :) bug me on kik if you need anything.

[VIP] KadeWolfe Enjoying the reset! :d
[VIP+] Keflin_Arivaen Degu The command for mcstats are missing

4 years and counting!

DeguMaster a posted Aug 29, 16

Modesty has been up and running for over 4 years! I can't believe it. Every August marks another year passed on the server. It's been another fun year with crazy stuff. What's your favorite memory from the past year?

See you around everyone!

apashes hello there. I started playing on this server back in 2013. My nick was apashes back then. It's amazing that this s...
[VIP+] Kitastrofe This is very late but I couldn't pass up without sharing my favorite memory on a Modesty. I started playing on this...
chewycat12 I started playing when I was in middle school, and soon I'll be in my final year of highschool. Modesty is an amazi...

Commands Reminder

DeguMaster a posted May 5, 16

Hey everyone,

If you're not sure of the commands you can use with each rank, check here! A couple of these might be broken (you can't capture anything atm) because of the recent 1.9 update, but for the most part this is correct (or they will work eventually). 


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